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About Us

Every business starts as an idea.

Ours began when our founders determined there had to be a more enlightened way to live than working for very successful large companies but being constantly away from home and family.  They took a leap and founded on the idea that if we dedicate ourselves to truly care of our customers, we could enjoy a lifestyle business that was profitable and fulfilling.


That was in 2004.  Since that time, we have listened carefully to the market and helped thousands of companies with their digital transformation journey.  Our “lifestyle” business is approaching 1,000 team members distributed on three continents.  Although team and lines of service have grown, our customer focus has never wavered.


iBridge believes:

  • Our mission is to give our customers a competitive advantage by capitalizing on their data assets.

  • Our vision is to see iBridge become one of the world’s most respected digital transformation brands.

  • Our values include making sure every team member is trained, authorized, and expected to react, respond, and resolve a customer’s requirements quickly.

  • Our promise is always put our customers first.


Our Social Responsibility Commitment

iBridge has made a social commitment to the geographies in which we operate.  One commitment is to provide economic security to women and children at risk by setting up multiple data processing centers in economically disadvantaged zones.  We provide flexible working hours, a living wage, and every tool along with training to those who wish to escape poverty or abusive relationships.

How can iBridge support your business goals? Contact us, and let’s find out together.