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Coaching InstituteLearning platform that enables institutions to deliver e-learning.

Our Solutions for Learning Management ​

  •   Course Development & Management
  •   Quizzes
  •   Assignments
  •   Batch & Resource Management
  •   Learners Management
  •   Trainers Management
  •   Subscription Management


Management productivity

Increase Productivity – Reduces the manual and redundant work by automating & digitizing the school operations and by illustrating multiple customized reports. Thereby, saving precious time of Teachers and Administration so they can focus on core functions like Teaching.



Empower Decision-Making – Single integrated platform for connecting schools in multiple location, complete tracking of the student data, starting from the admission stage to the day student graduates from the school. The solution also provides on-line dashboard with facility of real-time drill down reports which helps in effective and quick decision making.



Effective Communication – Bridges communication gap by facilitating SMS, email and Mobile App features for better collaboration of School Administration with Parents



Security – Various attendance report with SMS & GPS feature that can notify parent if their children is absent. With integration of payment gate-way, parents can make payment on-line without coming to school. Digital record of data ensures no data lost and stored in a secure manner.



Cost Effective – Using the web-based & SaaS model ERP leads to no additional investment for hardware or servers and no IT knowledge required to operate and/or to backup the system.


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