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Our Advisory Board​

We work with you on business problems that you want to solve. We bring in our consulting experience for the transformation projects that you want to embark upon. Our technology workforce is certified across platforms and delivers a pleasant experience not just for you, but also for your end users.

Our legal and business process outsourcing services augment your business and revenues through automation and introduction of industry-standard processes.

Paul Neale

President and CEO – DOAR

As President and CEO of DOAR Litigation Consulting and a principal consultant in the firm’s Discovery Consulting practice, Mr. Neale has leveraged nearly 20 years of managing complex litigation matters to build one of the industry’s fastest-growing companies. Under his direction, DOAR has become the only company that has centralized all services needed to manage large, complex litigation matters. Neale has assembled a management team of experts in the fields of jury consulting and trial support to create an organization whose scope of services and expertise is unmatched. Nationally recognized as an expert in overall case management with an emphasis on the management and production of electronic evidence and the use of technology at trial, Neale is a published author, speaker and accredited CLE instructor. He consults clients on implementing best practices, the current state of the law as it relates to the evolution of the rules of evidence, and the impact of technology in displaying evidence on jurors’ decision-making. Neale is a testifying expert in federal court regarding the proper preservation, management and production of electronic evidence, and routinely supports clients in their negotiations with opposing counsel or regulatory/government agencies. He testified before the advisory committee which drafted FRE 502 dealing with privilege waiver. He has prepared affidavits outlining best practices in the handling of electronic evidence and the defensibility of response programs on behalf of his clients. He is also a member of the Sedona Conference’s Working Group on Electronic Discovery, which spans a wide array of industries including financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, media, manufacturing, and individual white collar defendants. Neale graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and has taken advanced courses at the Wharton School of Business.