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The global statistics of physical, mental, and financial abuse against women and children are shocking.
The numbers are not getting any better. The problems morph from one country to the next.

iBridge is committed to giving back to the communities in which we are located. We have three data processing centers in economically disadvantaged zones, where we focus on hiring at-risk women. We provide flexible work schedules, a living wage, meals, and tools and training to employees in need to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. Our work to help those most at-risk has enabled us to have a low turnover rate, and we see high productivity; the impact we are making will likely pay us back ten-fold in the long run.

We will continue to monitor and grow these facilities, as we set them up for greater success, creating positive change for individual lives and entire communities. While we are acting responsibly in these communities, iBridge does not consider this effort to be a charitable venture, rather it is a conscious decision to invest in our business in a way that also helps others and can bring about real change.


Why Do We Care?


In spite of the growing awareness of and efforts against gender inequalities throughout the world, women and girls account for six out of 10 of the world’s poorest and two-thirds of the world’s illiterate people. Fortunately, iBridge is not alone in its efforts to promote equality and support women and children.

Among many other organizations the Shriver Report, a multi-platform media initiative led by Maria Shriver, seeks to modernize America’s relationship to women. The Shriver Report works to call on our nation’s major institutions to recognize that women are now central to the key issues facing the nation, and to respond by putting women at the center of their updated policies and practices.