There are more places than ever for data relevant to your case to be hiding. When you download our free white paper you will see why there is a growing number of civil  and criminal court cases that involve social media investigations.

In Part 1 of this white paper, you will learn about:

  • Following the digital trail
  • Emerging Networks
  • Courtroom applications

In Part 2, we’ll look more closely at:

  • Lessons from recent cases to learn how to use some best practices for collecting, authenticating, and preserving social media evidence in civil and criminal cases.
  • Important details to remember when conducting thorough social media investigations
  • What social media to search for as possible evidence in a case

Metadata matters . Traditional capture techniques are no longer cutting it. Is your company ready to produce circumstantial evidence that is properly and comprehensively collected?

Download our free white paper by filling out the form below and learn how to navigate the new social media landscape and get the hidden information you need.

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